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Corporation Concept:

1.     To be trustworthy, practical-minded, innovative and aggressive.

2.     To be efficient and become the pioneer in the market.

3.     We are committed to finish the task effectively with our customers.

Summary: Unity, Cooperation, Specializing, Efficiency
    Our policy of maintaining high quality and serve the customers efficiently leads us to provide professional quality and standards to meet customers’ different requirements.  By adopting ISO international standardized management, we aim at producing products without any defect. In order to maintain the popularity, we update our equipment, provide training to employees and improve our management systems with higher efficiency. Currently, we are promoting the 5S from Japan, which are Tidiness, Orderliness, Cleanliness, Standardization and Discipline, in order to improve the quality of our personnel and pave the road for the company to the bright future.


Basketball game:

    In order to strengthen our staff, the company organizes a basketball tournament each quarter. The staff actively participates in the activity that enhances the company’s cohesion. Basketball becomes one of their favorite sports.

Soccer competition:

    To enrich the staff's free time and develop the staff's interest in exercise, the company organizes soccer tournaments regularly. It is not only strengthened the staff's team spirit, but also shown their individual ability. The game became popular quickly.


Mountaineering Competition:

    In order to let the staff escape from the working pressure and to stimulate their working enthusiasm, the company organized a large-scale mountaineering activity.

Push-and-pull Competition:

    The workers are working their best to win the competition as if in their jobs.