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  • Self-healing Battery Electrode

    2013-11-20 11:54:10
    Menlo Park, Calif. — Researchers have made the first battery electrode that heals itself, opening a new and potentially commercially viable path for making the next generation of lithium ion batteries for electric cars, cell phones and other devices.…
  • Electrical Bicycle Manufacturers Worldwide

    2013-10-30 14:18:38
    A global list of electric bike manufacturers
  • How to remove passivation of ER batteries

    2013-3-18 12:02:31
    It is the characteristic of the lithiumthionyl chloride battery to form passivation on the anode to preventself-discharge, which makes ER battery having a long storage life. If there isno any passivation formed in the ER batteries, ER batteries will n…
  • Keeping electric vehicle batteries cool

    2012-10-1 0:01:37
    Batteries provide the ‘fuel’ that drives electric cars – in effect, the vehicles’ lifeblood.If batteries are to have a long service life, overheating must be avoided. A battery’s ‘comfort zone’ lies between 20 C and 35 C. But even a Sunday driv…
  • What is the batteries rated capacity and discharge the remaining capacity

    2011-11-10 23:43:19
    What is the batteries rated capacity? Refersto a certain discharge conditions, the battery discharge to the release ofelectricity cut-off voltage. IEC standards for nickel-cadmium andnickel metal hydride batteries in the 20 + _ 5c environment to 0.1C…
  • Accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, lithium war imminent

    2011-7-14 23:38:28
    Accelerate the development of new energyvehicles, lithium war imminentThe worlds major car companies ToyotaMotor, a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho, with the Australian mining companyOrocobre Ltd. Cooperation, the development of lithium mine in Argentina …
  • Ambient temperature on battery performance?

    2010-3-5 23:35:25
    Ambienttemperature on battery performance? Of all the environmental factors, thetemperature of the battery charge and discharge performance of the largest inthe electrode / electrolyte interface, electrochemical reaction on theenvironmental temperatu…
  • The influence of over-charge and over-discharge to the capacity

    2009-10-24 15:46:28
    What is the overcharge on the battery performance?Overcharge the battery is fully charged by the charging process will then continue charging behavior of Ni-Cd batteries, over-charging results in the following reaction: Anode: 4OH-- 4e 2H2O O2 negati…
  • 14 small skills to charge the handset battery

    2008-10-24 15:49:08
    If you want to prolong the batterys effective use of time, in addition to the quality of the charger should be guaranteed, the proper charging techniques are also essential, because the poor quality of the charger or charging the wrong methods will af…
  • The Secret To Improving Lithium-Ion Battery Life

    2007-7-15 0:00:30
    Poor battery life and the need to rechargesmart phones often remain a huge pain for consumers. Help could be on the way.Researchers at the Washington State University said Wednesday they havefigured out how pack more energy into a lithium-ion battery …
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