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The influence of over-charge and over-discharge to the capacity

2009-10-24 15:46:28 Category:Professional News

What is the overcharge on the battery performance?
Overcharge the battery is fully charged by the charging process will then continue charging behavior of Ni-Cd batteries, over-charging results in the following reaction: Anode: 4OH-- 4e 2H2O O2 negative: 2Cd O2 2CdO due to design, negative higher capacity than the cathode capacity, therefore, produce oxygen through the cathode and the anode separator produced by cadmium compound. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the battery will not be significantly increased internal pressure, but if the charge current is too large, or charging for too long, too late to produce the oxygen is consumed, it could result in pressure within the battery deformation, leakage, and other undesirable phenomena. At the same time, its electrical properties will be significantly reduced.

What is the over-discharge of the battery performance?
End of internal storage battery discharge of electricity, the voltage reaches a certain value, continue to discharge will result in discharge, usually based on the discharge current to determine the discharge cut-off voltage. 0.2C-2C discharge general settings 1.0V / support, 3C 5C or 10C or more, such as discharge is set to 0.8V / sticks, battery over-discharge the battery could have disastrous consequences, especially the large-current discharge, or had repeatedly put a greater impact on the battery. In general, over-pressure within the battery will discharge, reversibility of the positive and negative active material damage, even if only part of the recovery charge, the capacity will be significantly attenuated.