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Ambient temperature on battery performance?

2010-3-5 23:35:25 Category:Professional News


Of all the environmental factors, the temperature of the battery charge and discharge performance of the largest in the electrode / electrolyte interface, electrochemical reaction on the environmental temperature, the electrode / electrolyte interface is considered the heart of the battery. If the temperature drops, the electrode response rate also dropped,assuming that the battery voltage is kept constant, the discharge current is reduced,the battery's power output will fall. If the temperaturerise on the contrary, that the battery will increase power output, temperature also affects the electrolyte temperature increases the transmission speed is faster, sending the temperature dropped,send slow down, the battery charge and discharge performance will be affected.

But the temperature is too high, over 45, will destroy the chemical balance within the battery,causing side effects. Ni-Cd Ni-MH battery discharge efficiency will be significantly lower

temperature (eg less than -15), and in the -20, the lye reaches from the freezing point,the battery charging rate will be greatly reduced. Chargingat low temperatures below 0 will increase when the battery internal pressure and may open the relief valve.

In order to effectively charge, ambient temperature range should be between 530,the general charge efficiency will increase with the temperature increased,but when the temperature rose to 45 above,high temperature performance of rechargeable battery material degradation, the battery cycle life will be significantly reduced.