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Accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, lithium war imminent

2011-7-14 23:38:28 Category:Professional News

The world's major car companies Toyota Motor, a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho, with the Australian mining company Orocobre Ltd. Cooperation, the development of lithium mine in Argentina and potassium carbonate ore, lithium industry to compete in South America. This collaboration, Toyota Tsusho will invest 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, of which the Japanese government will provide a low-interest loans to the joint venture, joint ventures accounted for 60% of total investment. According to Motorlink car reported that by 2014, the global automotive market size lithium batteries will rise to 248 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 215 times in 2008. Predicted that 70% of the lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and notebook computers, along with the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, the new global car market is expected to rapidly expand energy, countries are beginning to participate in this new energy is related to their future automotive development of the "lithium war" at home. 

● lithium auto companies have to participate in the upstream industry 

In fact, the global automotive enterprises to participate in the development have been and are taking lithium. Toyota, Nissan and Matsushita Electric and other related businesses already signed an agreement to jointly develop a new generation of unified specifications of automotive lithium batteries, and plans to mass production within 2 years. Toyota Tsusho to participate in the upstream development of lithium-scale mining is unprecedented, and will provide the industry with high purity, premium quality lithium metal, in the automotive industry can be described as first of its kind. 

Not only Japan, Germany, from 2009 launched a 360 million euros in the automotive lithium battery development program, almost all German cars, and energy giant, will carry information to join. The German government said the implementation of the plan marks the era of Germany will enter the electric car. At the same time, Daimler and RWE energy company said it would cooperate in the domestic construction of 500 electric car charging stations. German auto industry alliance is expected to be completed by 2012 in Germany and opened the series of electric vehicles off commercial production. 

Industrialization of electric vehicles seems to be the next global mainstream. In this context, Volkswagen, Toyota and other major international automobile groups have to take the initiative lithium battery field, with upstream and downstream enterprises to work more closely related to the joint venture. Volkswagen Group announced a partnership with Japan Sanyo rechargeable battery developer enter into a cooperation agreement, the two companies will jointly develop lithium-ion technology based on new high performance battery systems. Volkswagen Group hopes to start in 2010 will be lithium-ion battery technology for cars. 

South Korea's largest auto parts production manufacturer Hyundai Mobis Company (HyundaiMobisCo.) November 2 last year, said in 2013, with LG Chemical (LGChemLtd.) joint venture to establish a 400 billion won in lithium battery factory , the annual output of 20 million. Currently Hyundai Mobis Hyundai Motor Company has entered the following into the Chinese market. Johnson Controls-Saft and Ford signed a Ford Transit (Transit) connect the battery electric cars lithium-ion battery supply contract. Ford Transit Connect battery electric car is a pure electric car, expected to begin production from the end of 2010. It is reported that Johnson Controls-Saft has recently become the battery supplier Azure.In addition to outside Azure and Ford, Johnson Controls-Saft is currently a Mercedes - Benz S-class Review Photo Forum hybrid, the BMW 7 Series Review Photo Forum hybrid supply lithium-ion batteries. 

● "lithium Wars" China is the main battlefield 

Just a few days ago, in the United States issued the "Joint Statement", said the two sides will launch in the U.S. electric car initiative, the two countries in the next few years, several million electric cars in use. Last March, China issued the "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" for the development of new energy vehicles has also developed a general goal - the next three years, China will form a 500,000-in hybrid electric charge and the common type of hybrid new energy automobile production capacity. To this end, domestic Shanshangufen, CITIC Guoan, CITIC Baoan, Jiangsu Guotai, Tianjin power of God, universal, Ankai, Foton Motor, have already launched a new round of research and development. 

Data show that South Korea, China, Japan lithium battery production in the world market share of up to 96%, the competition is fierce among the three countries. Experts believe that although China ranks third in the world production of lithium batteries, but in products, technology level with Japan, the United States there is a certain gap between the vehicle's lithium battery industry has not really started. At present, China has no real sense of lithium on the development of the development plan, involving research and development, technology and materials, basically every business or their own way, did not form together, with our car battery power yet to achieve mass production, there is no large-scale applications in electric vehicles, short-term difficulties facing the development of battery power. 

To this end, some have put forward three proposals, one, starting from the product itself. To study materials to improve the cost of materials, motor design, electric cars should be strengthened and improved facilities. Second, to develop and improve lithium battery-related vehicle production, manufacturing standards, there are specialized agencies of the car battery to carry out testing. Third, short-term advantages of countries through supporting existing businesses, enhance their competitiveness. Long-term, countries should take the lead, so that the core of enterprises, universities alliance to do some long-term strategic planning and technical line of research. 

Some professionals believe that lithium is becoming the most important after oil resources of power, and the use of lithium-powered vehicles will become the new energy future direction of development of the automobile industry. In 2009, China's automobile production capacity has more than 13.5 million, China has become the center of the global automotive industry, so the future China will become the global automotive market development of new energy vehicles, but also a main battlefield, lithium war inevitable.