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What is the lithium-ion battery

2006-3-14 23:54:55 Category:Professional News

Lithium-ion battery (Lithium Ion Battery, abbreviated as LIB), also known as lithium batteries. Into liquid lithium ion battery lithium battery (LIB) and lithium-ion polymer battery (PLB) categories. Among them, the liquid lithium-ion battery is the Li + intercalation compound as the positive and negative secondary battery. LiCoO2 cathode using lithium compounds or LiMn2O4, negative use of lithium - carbon intercalation compounds. 

Lithium battery for all commercial use is by far the second most outstanding performance of chemical power in the battery, which is the promotion of lithium batteries for electric bikes is a key factor. The main can be summarized as follows: 

(1) high specific energy: whether it is smaller than the energy, or the weight ratio of the energy, lithium three times more than lead-acid batteries. Which determines the lithium batteries smaller, lighter, and its great potential for market consumption; 

(2) Long cycle life: lithium batteries for electric bikes in the cycle life of more than 800 times in general, the use of lithium iron phosphate cathode material of lithium battery can reach about 2000 times, 1.5 times than lead-acid batteries to more than 5 times. This greatly reduces the cost of lithium batteries used to improve the ease of consumer use; 

(3) Has a wide range of charging power: This is the lithium battery has a unique advantage. When needed, can be 1C ~ 3C charged and the charging time to 20 minutes to 1 hour, more than 85% charging efficiency. Further technological innovation, based on the play better this feature, you can have good commercial value; 

(4) Rate discharge performance: lithium battery rate discharge rate can reach 10 or more, special production can reach 30 magnification. This feature is very conducive to riding electric bikes in the intelligent control technology. This feature is currently not a very good development and utilization. 

Of the world's first lithium-ion battery production, production accounts for over one third of the world's total, more than 100 manufacturers of lithium ion battery materials demand, many vendors are planned over the next two years to substantially increase production. At present, manufacturers of lithium to form a liquid lithium led BYD, polymer lithium battery, led by two giants TCL. TCL completed a polymer lithium-ion battery batteries into mass production from the technical development of the whole process, and quickly come to the forefront of this technology. TCL production of lithium polymer batteries in the battery electrochemical impedance, energy density, high and low discharge, etc. are among the ranks of world-class, BYD is the boss of liquid lithium-ion battery, and TCL is the new generation of polymer lithium-ion battery the boss, than the liquid lithium polymer lithium advantage.