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VAIMA Li-ion batteries are highly welcomed by the e-bikes companies

2013-7-17 17:25:41 Category:Company News

As you know, the traditional lead-acid batteries are heavy (It’s about 3 times than li-ion batteries), inconvenient, and environmental contamination. The cycle life of li-ion batteries can be 3 times than lead-acid batteries. As well, Li-ion batteries cause less contamination, have no memory effect, high energy density, This ensures that they will eventually take the place of lead-acid batteries and be the leading power of e-bikes, and without doubt that they will occupy much more market share in the near future. 

    VAIMA adopts the latest technology of lithium batteries and the best battery combination, combines modern control theory, artificial intelligence technology and adaptive fuzzy control technology, protection circuit modules are all with Balance-charging function, which extends the cycle life of the battery to its utmost. This can perfectly solve the safety issues of battery. Intelligent, efficient, reliable and durable, These advantages make VAIMA’s “Li-ion batteries for e-bikes “become the popular in the industry.

   VAIMA Li-ion batteries have already withstood the severe verification in the market,and update its technology continuously as well, which enables its products to be the first choice of many e-bike companies, and take a large share in the Li ion battery industry for electric bicyle,electric scooter,golf trolley etc.

We can design the battery pack as you request,Choose different cells to achieve different weight with different features.To offer the perfect solution is our aim.